We are a distribution company that was founded by the Coalition of Independent Music Stores in 1999 and we are also a proud partner of Record Store Day (and have been from the very beginning). Our mission is the same one today as it was the day we started the company: to bring great special releases to independent music stores all over. We are working all day, every day to do our part to accomplish this mission as well as continue to connect great artists and great record shops with great releases. Our end goal is to keep bringing true music lovers to the stores that truly make a difference.

Besides sharing the avid fan’s passion and enthusiasm for music, Think Indie stores are equipped with a unique catalogue of exclusive releases, live shows and limited-edition goodies from a variety of well-known artists – the kind of stuff that makes cool record stores even cooler.

So, find an independent record store near you, and remember what it’s like to shop in a store where the only appliances are in the break room.


Stay tuned/// We are currently giving our website a makeover(we have been busy shipping records lately) and will have have lots more info about our titles soon.



Featured ThinkIndie Releases


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